Floorbound W/ Square and Compass, Life As Lions, and Potbelly

Fri Mar 30, 2012
DOORS: 8:00 PM
All Ages


Square and Compass was formed in Houston during the summer of 2010. Members of S&C had previously played in several Texas-based bands, including Far From Breaking, Sleepaway and Release the Controls. They came together with two goals: to create compelling music that would move the masses and to see their talents translate to success before they all reached the frightening age of thirty. The resulting sound combines the head-bobbing catchiness of pop punk, the passionate energy of hardcore and the uncorrupted graininess of grunge. Square and Compass infuses the raw, memorable tones of its ‘90s roots with compositional complexity and contemporary relevance. The band is here to rally a generation marked by arrested adolescence and irritable discontent, providing an aesthetic outlet—an emotional jumpstart—for all those who have been numbed by the inattentive and impersonal nature of the time.

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