White Oak Music Hall Benefit Show Series: UNTHSC


July 15th, 2017

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White Oak Music Hall Benefit Show Series: UNTHSC
WOMH & Pegstar Presents

White Oak Music Hall Benefit Show Series: UNTHSC

  • Venue:White Oak Music Hall
  • Room:Downstairs
  • Date:Saturday Jul 15, 2017
  • Doors:7:30 PM
  • Age:All Ages
  • Prices:
Buy your ticket now! Every dollar donated will be matched by White Oak Music Hall.

"White Oak Music Hall BENEFIT SHOW SERIES"
Gowns, Dresses, Tuxedos, Suits, Thrift Store Finds.
No Dress Code required, but why not?!

In November of 2001, Pegstar booked their first show to benefit the victims of the events of September 11. Since then, Pegstar has tried to keep community goals at the forefront of their business by participating in many local non-profit supporting events. Pegstar is very pleased to announce that White Oak Music Hall, which Pegstar partly owns and operates, is hosting multiple events designed to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes.

Pegstar and White Oak present the first installment of these bi-annual benefit shows, with the support of local musicians, neighbors, and concert-goers. Each event will benefit a different cause and have a local business match door revenue gained at the event to increase the funds raised.

The first in the series will take place at White Oak Music Hall (2915 North Main) on July 15th, 2017 and will be benefiting the UNTHSC Foundation on behalf of Ruhani Ahluwalia and her ground-breaking cancer research.


Ruhani Ahluwalia, 13, spends her time doing research at UNT Health Science Center that could one day lead to a better method for cancer treatment with minimal side effects.

"I just really like science and want to learn how the body works," said Ruhani, who lives in Arlington. "I'm interested in cancer treatment because my great aunt died from the harsh effects of chemotherapy."

Ruhani's mom, a former UNTHSC post-doctoral fellow, helped guide her daughter towards Dr. Andre Lacko' s lab because he is researching the use of nanoparticles to precisely deliver drugs to tumors without damaging healthy tissue.

The youngest person who has ever worked with Dr. Lacko, before Ruhani, was 17. Ruhani's determination and knowledge convinced him she had the qualities needed to pursue a career in science.

"Students who want to be scientists have to have a strong sense of curiosity and perseverance," Dr. Lacko said. "And it doesn't hurt to be brilliant, too."

Ruhani was inspired to find a better way to treat cancer after her great aunt died of leukemia in 2015. Soon after the death, she set out to find a way that she could diminish the deteriorating side effects that accompany the use of chemotherapy.

UNT Health Science Center, located in Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the premier graduate schools in the nation, with a focus on patient-driven care, which very much aligns with what Ruhani is focused on.

"It was hard learning the theories behind the work," Ruhani said. "But I really liked it so much that I wanted to come. It is rewarding to work in a lab where all of the lab members are encouraging you to do your best."

Money is needed to continue her research, which has been submitted to journals for publication and allow her in the labs at UNTHSC.

Even though Ruhani is still so young, she has already had an impact on the study of cancer treatments and with our communities help, we can help her come to the solutions needed to help others suffering now.

This is a great cause, but there's no reason we can't have fun with it. Dressing up is always fun. Gowns, dresses, tuxedos, suits, corsages are always fun!

Some of Houston's most well-known bands will be covering other artists for this unique show. This is an opportunity to see and hear these artists in rare form. Here is a list of what we have planned for our WOMH Benefit Show Series: UNTHSC.

DJ Fredster, Another Run as Duran Duran, The Beans as Led Zeppelin, Nathan Quick as Johnny Cash, Fox Parlor as The Toadies, Get a Life as Third Eye Blind, Girl Friday as Joni Mitchell, Miears as Lucius, Nathan Quick as Johnny Cash, thelastplaceyoulook as Prince, After-Prom Karaoke Hosted by Bay & Friends.

Pegstar & White Oak Music Hall would like to thank the musicians, StubWire.com, UNTHSC, and the staffers/volunteers for donating their time and efforts for this event.

Show up for a good cause & have fun helping out!


Tickets are $10 for the event. All ticketing fees are being waived by our ticketing partner StubWire.com. Every dollar donated will be matched by WOMH.

More event info at Pegstar.net

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