Waxahatchee, Palehound, Outer Spaces


August 6th, 2017

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Waxahatchee, Palehound, Outer Spaces
WOMH & Pegstar Presents

Waxahatchee, Palehound, Outer Spaces

  • Venue:White Oak Music Hall
  • Room:Upstairs
  • Date:Sunday Aug 06, 2017
  • Doors:7:00 PM
  • Age:All Ages
  • Prices: ADV   $17.00 DAY OF
  • Box Office:$19.00
Katie Crutchfield is the 25 year-old Alabaman born musician who grew up on a lake house near Waxahatchee Creek, about 40 miles south of Birmingham. Receiving no internet service there, her fondest memories are those that include the music she made with her identical twin twister, Allison, there. At the age of 15, she and her sister performed their first show at a venue called "Cave 9", for a pop punk band they had thrown together. This band was short lived, but they went on to make another band together, calling it P.S Eliot. This band received better success and attention, but after 2 full lengths and one EP, the sisters went their separate ways, and Katie formed her current band and solo project called "Waxahatchee".
Katie moved to Philadelphia with her sister and it was actually in her bedroom where her debut album, American Weekend, was recorded. Despite the fact that she wrote and recorded this all in one week, Don Giovani Records, along with myself and many other fans, found it worthy enough of being released, and she had her own album by 2012, giving Katie the start she needed to make it on her own. She developed a soft indie folk sound and incorporated her entire self into her songs. The lyrics capture her breakups, recklessness and obsession in past relationships. This album went on to be a top album of 2012 by Dusted Magazine, and her song "Be Good" was named one of the top 50 songs of 2012 by National Public Radio.
Her second album, Cerulean Salt, has a bit of a different sound but not drastically. This is mainly due to the fact that now Waxahatchee has become a trio and now has clearer recording quality since it's not bedroom based. The lyrics shift from heartache to acceptance in this 2013 album, also released under Don Giovani Records. This album reached #1 on the Offical Record Store Chart in July of 2013, and Katie is getting more of the praise she deserves after touring with Tegan and Sara and therefore getting more well known.

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